Motivation: Our Inspiring Memes and Stories

Motivational Memes

Just good stories that you probably won't see on the evening news. We want you to know there are great people in this world. We also want to say Thank You to the people in these stories. For example...

A college football player paying for his teammates tuition because he saw him working two jobs to pay for school and almost had to quit.

A major rock band paying for an up and coming band's tour to help them out- for no reason other than just because they are great people.

On a snowy winter day in the midwest, a man passed a homeless woman in the parking lot on his way into the store. The man skipped what he went in the store for and instead bought winter gloves for the woman. He went outside and gave her the gloves, then returned back into the store. On his way back inside another shopper stopped him and said sir I saw what you did, that was really nice of you. The first man didn't know anyone saw him, but realized afterwards he had inspired someone else to do something nice.

A guy and his son just being social with the stranger next to them at a bar had no idea they kept him from hurting himself. The stranger missed his family and came in the bar to have one last drink before ending himself. He appreciated the strangers friendliness to someone from another part of the world and was inspired by the father son relationship having a beer together. They ended up having college connections at a small school across the country. When they left, the stranger hugged the father and told the two men what he originally planned for the night. He thanked them and went home to call his son.

You never know what people are going through, or how much a simple gesture can mean to someone.

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